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TO:                   Unionville HARB (UHARB) Members                          DATE: 12-June 2023

FROM:             LB Kinter - Chair

Subject:           Unionville HARB Meeting 12-June 2023, 7:00 PM, Township Building
(Joint Meeting with East Marlborough Township Historic Commission)                                   

(APPROVED – 9-October 2023)

1.     Quorum
Members Present                                     Members Absent
Jake Elks - Vice Chair                                Marcy Fenza
Susan Elks                                                
Lew Kinter – Chair                                    Members by Remote 
John Rosecrans                                         Nina Ginty                                          
Charles Shock                                                       


Quorum Declared

2.     Approve Minutes of Unionville HARB Meeting 10-April 2023
Minutes were Approved as submitted (attached).

3.     Public Comment:

4.     Old Business:
Nina Ginty acknowledged for her contribution on the Unionville Odd Fellows Hall for EMT Spring-Summer 2023 Newsletter.

5.     New Business
Megan McNish (SHPO) presented comments and suggestions following her review of the Certified Local Governance Self-Assessment completed by EMT HC and Unionville HARB in Joint Session with EMT Historical Commission.

6.     Action Items:

a)     Unionville HARB and HC chairs to receive and comment upon Megan’s draft report (approximately June- July 2023).

b)     EMT Historical Commission and Unionville HARB discuss ‘next steps’ based upon Megan’s final report (tentatively, 18-September 2023 Joint Meeting, subsequently rescheduled 9-October 2023)

c)     Unionville HARB and EMT HC members in attendance received 2 hours continuing education credit for participation in the Certified Local Governance discussion.


7.     Future 2023 Unionville HARB Scheduled Meetings for 2023 (at the Township Building):

a.     18-September 2023, 7:00 PM (rescheduled to 9-October 2023)*

b.     13-November 2023, 7:00 PM*

*, These meetings include the East Marlborough Township Historical Commission – the intent is to be able to overlap with HC on topics of mutual interest.



1)     Minutes of Unionville HARB Meeting 10-April 2023

TO:                   Historical Commission & Unionville HARB Members
DATE:              9-October 2023
FROM:             John Rosecrans & Lewis B. Kinter
SUBJECT:         Joint Meeting of East Marlborough Township Historical Commission (HC) and
                          Unionville HARB (HARB), 9-October 2023, 7:00 PM, Township Building                                               


(DRAFT – 9-October 2023)

1.     Quorum   
HARB Members Present                                       HARB Members Absent
Lew Kinter – Chair                                                Jake Elks - Vice Chair
Nina Ginty                                                            Susan Elks                  
John Rosecrans                                                     Marcy Fenza
Charlie Shock                                                                               

      HC Members Present                                            HC Members Absent
      John Rosecrans – Chair                                         Martha Walls-Brown
      Frank McGrail – Vice Chair                                   Phoebe Turner
      Christina McDougall – Secretary
      Lew Kinter                                                             Visitors
      Charles Streitweiser                                              none
      Susan Beach

Quorum Declared

2.     Approve Minutes of Previous Unionville HARB and HC Meetings

a.     Minutes of 12-June HARB meeting were Approved as submitted (available on website).

b.     Minutes of 18-September HC meeting were Approved as submitted (available on website)

3.     Public Comment: None


4.     Old Business:

a.     Marcy Gaynor acknowledged for her contribution to the Unionville Cross Keys Tavern building for Fall-Winter 2023 Newsletter.

b.     Frank McGrail acknowledged for his efforts to update the HC website and to include the first page for the Unionville HARB.  Frank’s updated website is accessible through the East Marlborough Township website.  (To find, start at EMT Township Home Page, Residents Corner, History of Township and the Historical website link at bottom of the page.)

5.     New Business

a.     Chester County Preservation Network (CCPN) will host a workshop on 11/11/2023 at the Government Services Building in West Chester for the 250 PA Celebration.

                                          i.     Hours spent in attendance may be counted towards HARB and HC member CLG annual training requirement (4 hr total). 

                                        ii.     Members should indicate their availability and interest to attend this program so HC and HARB can arrange transportation if needed.

b.     East Marlborough Township Certified Local Government (CLG) Evaluation, prepared by Megan McNish, Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) May-August 2023 (available on website). 

                                          i.     This is the first PA SHPO evaluation of EMT’s CLG program since PA SHPO adopted its current revised CLG standards in 2020

                                        ii.     According to PA SHPO, fifty PA townships have applied for and received CLG status – approximately 3% of the 1547 townships in PA.   

                                       iii.     HC and HARB members voted to accept the 2023 PA SHPO evaluation and to use the evaluation as a guide to better align EMT’s CLG program with current PA SHPO CLG standards.

6.     Action Items:

a.     Unionville HARB and HC chairs to inquire of Neil Lovekin whether the HC/HARB website can be accessed directly/transparently from the home page of the EMT Township’s website.

b.     HC and HARB chairs to inform the EMT Township Supervisors of the 2023 EMT CLG evaluation and intent to use to better align EMT’s CLG program with current PA SHPO CLG standards, and to request expedited discussion and guidance from Supervisors for 2024 HC and HARB CLG objective setting, ideally before the next scheduled Joint HC HARB meeting on 13-November 2023.


Future 2023 Unionville HARB Scheduled Meetings for 2023 (at the Township Building):

·       13-November 2023, 7:00 PM