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Meeting Minutes of the EMHC on May 08, 2023

Call to Order: 7:02 pm

Members Present:  John Rosecrans, Frank McGrail, Chris McDougall, Lewis Kinter, Charles Streitwieser

Members Absent:  Phoebe Turner, Susan Beach, Martha Walls-Brown

Approval of Minutes:    Approved with the corrected spelling of Dugan  

Visitor: None

Old Business – Update:                                                     

o   HC Ordinance, Guidelines

o   Meghan McNish, Eastern Regional Community Preservation Coordinator to discuss what is required for HR ordinance and guidelines on our June 12th joint meeting with HARB

o   Technology Update: F. McGrail informed members that EMHC has a new site through NetNation.

New Business:

o   Longwood Gardens

o   is revisiting the Water Tower Project with a different vendor.  Recommend to approve provided that there is no additional impact to historic resources

o   is widening Rt 1, to move Cox House 100 to 150 ft. Ordnance allows it.

o   Marlborough Valley 1900 house @ 405 Marlborough Rd up for Sherriff sale on June 15th

Meeting Adjournment: 8:04 pm

Next Meeting:


September 18, 2023 (EMHC/HARB Joint Meeting)

TO:                   Unionville HARB (UHARB) Members                          DATE: 12-June 2023

FROM:             LB Kinter - Chair

Subject:           Unionville HARB Meeting 12-June 2023, 7:00 PM, Township Building
(Joint Meeting with East Marlborough Township Historic Commission)                                   

(APPROVED – 9-October 2023)

1.     Quorum
Members Present                                     Members Absent
Jake Elks - Vice Chair                                Marcy Fenza
Susan Elks                                                
Lew Kinter – Chair                                    Members by Remote 
John Rosecrans                                         Nina Ginty                                          
Charles Shock                                                       


Quorum Declared

2.     Approve Minutes of Unionville HARB Meeting 10-April 2023
Minutes were Approved as submitted (attached).

3.     Public Comment:

4.     Old Business:
Nina Ginty acknowledged for her contribution on the Unionville Odd Fellows Hall for EMT Spring-Summer 2023 Newsletter.

5.     New Business
Megan McNish (SHPO) presented comments and suggestions following her review of the Certified Local Governance Self-Assessment completed by EMT HC and Unionville HARB in Joint Session with EMT Historical Commission.

6.     Action Items:

a)     Unionville HARB and HC chairs to receive and comment upon Megan’s draft report (approximately June- July 2023).

b)     EMT Historical Commission and Unionville HARB discuss ‘next steps’ based upon Megan’s final report (tentatively, 18-September 2023 Joint Meeting, subsequently rescheduled 9-October 2023)

c)     Unionville HARB and EMT HC members in attendance received 2 hours continuing education credit for participation in the Certified Local Governance discussion.


7.     Future 2023 Unionville HARB Scheduled Meetings for 2023 (at the Township Building):

a.     18-September 2023, 7:00 PM (rescheduled to 9-October 2023)*

b.     13-November 2023, 7:00 PM*

*, These meetings include the East Marlborough Township Historical Commission – the intent is to be able to overlap with HC on topics of mutual interest.



1)     Minutes of Unionville HARB Meeting 10-April 2023

Meeting Minutes of the EMHC on September 18, 2023

Call to Order: 7:00 pm

To be updated

Joint Meeting of East Marlborough Township Historical Commission and Unionville HARB, 9-October 2023

Time: 7:00 PM, Township Building                                      


(N.B.: This is a Joint Meeting of the East Marlborough Township Historical Commission and Unionville HARB)

1)               Welcome, Quorum, Approve DRAFT Agenda

2)               Approval of prior Meeting Minutes

  1. Unionville HARB Meeting 12-June 2023

  2. Historical Commission Meeting 18-September 2023


3)               Public Comment

4)               Old Business

  1. EMT Fall/Winter 2023 Newsletter


5)               New Business:

  1. Discussion of PA-SHPO East Marlborough Township Certified Local Government Evaluation (previously circulated)

Future Scheduled Joint Meetings of EMT Historical Commission and Unionville HARB:

13-November 2023, 7:00 PM



DRAFT Unionville HARB Meeting Minutes 12-June 2023

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