East Marlborough Township

Historic Commission / Historic Architectural Review Board

2024 Meeting Minutes

East Marlborough Township

Historical Commission &

Unionville Historic Architectural Review Board

Chester County, Pennsylvania

721 Unionville Road / Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348 Phone (610) 444-0725 / (610) 444-1380 Meeting Minutes EMHC Meeting on January 8, 2024


Call to Order: 7:00 pm

Members Present:

o   EMHC - John Rosecrans, Frank McGrail, Lew Kinter, and Charles Streitwieser,

o   Unionville HARB are Lew Kinter, John Rosecrans, Jale Elks, Susan Elks, and Nina Ginty (via conference call)

o   Quorums of both the EMHC and Unionville HARB members were declared.

Members Absent:

o   EMHC - Martha Walls-Brown, Susan Beach, Chris McDougall, Phoebe Turner

o   Unionville HARB - Marcy Gaynor Fenza, Charles Shock 

Approval of Minutes: Meeting minutes approved as amended for December 11, 2023 by the EMHC and Unionville HARB with following revisions:

o   Spelling of Jake Elks

Visitors:  David Blackburn – Heritage Preservation Coordinator Chester County Planning Commission, Kathryn Monahan – EMT Supervisor, Anneliese Strube

Old Business: 

1)               EMT Supervisors approved Certificates of Appropriateness for HR-124, 2023-01, and 2023-02, per EMT HC and Unionville HARB recommendations (13 Nov 2023 Joint Meeting).

2)               EMTHC and Unionville HARB Webpage – Mr. McGrail updated the HC on the numerous changes to the new HC website and provided the December 2023 activity statistics.

New Business:

a)     Presentation by David Blackburn, Heritage Preservation Coordinator Chester County Planning Commission.  - Mr. Kinter introduced Mr. Blackburn as the new Heritage Preservation Coordinator from the Chester County Planning Commission.  Mr. Blackburn shared his extensive career in history, heritage and preservation to the attendees.

New Business (Continued):

b)     Discussion with David Blackburn - Mr. Blackburn stated his focus for 2024 is to build relationships with the County’s HCs and HARBs and would like to link the County’s programs together.  Mr. Blackburn also discussed his involvement in the America250/PA 250 planning and that the County has established a planning committee for how Chester County and the local communities can participate in the event.  A discussion followed in who/how East Marlborough Township should be involved in the event.

c)     EMT 2024 Spring/Summer Newsletter - Mr. Kinter stated that the deadline for articles to be submitted for the EMT 2024 Spring/Summer newsletter is 12 April,2024. 

d)     Buffington Property – Mrs. Elks stated that she has the cobbler bench, which was from the former shoemaker building, and would like to find an appropriate location to preserve the bench.  Mr. Rosecrans stated that Susan Beach was attempting to catalog and preserve various pieces of township history.


Meeting Adjournment: 8:23 pm

Next Meeting:  February 12, 2024